December 15, 2009

bon appétit!

Visited my parents today.  Eating lunch with mom and dad was a flashback to childhood.      

bon appétit: lunch with the rents

Mom sipped her “ice” tea and Dad went on and on about how things are so much different than they were then.  I listened to them, sure.  But it has been a long time since we last sat at a table together.  So I drifted....  I remembered playing with my dolls and building towns in the dirt outside.  I remembered decorating the grove of trees with mardi gras beads and claiming it as my own as they worked around the house.  Mom always put a jar of sun tea out on Sundays when it was sunny.  Dad worked on the backyard garden and his boat/canoe.  Hmmm, those were some easy like Sunday mornings.

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