December 15, 2009

bon appétit!

Visited my parents today.  Eating lunch with mom and dad was a flashback to childhood.      

bon appétit: lunch with the rents

Mom sipped her “ice” tea and Dad went on and on about how things are so much different than they were then.  I listened to them, sure.  But it has been a long time since we last sat at a table together.  So I drifted....  I remembered playing with my dolls and building towns in the dirt outside.  I remembered decorating the grove of trees with mardi gras beads and claiming it as my own as they worked around the house.  Mom always put a jar of sun tea out on Sundays when it was sunny.  Dad worked on the backyard garden and his boat/canoe.  Hmmm, those were some easy like Sunday mornings.

December 13, 2009

Hello, France!

Another place... feels like another time here.
I am different, slightly lighter and a bit more at ease...  It’s a feeling I want to last but somehow fear that it won’t.  Being away from all that has been familiar to me is not frightening at all.  It seems to be what I need.  I don’t know how I would have gone on pacing within the walls of that apartment talking to Re-run as if she were still there.  

It was home for a while and my heart will always hold a piece of it.  But for now I will relish my time away and take in as much as I can.

Hello France!!!!

Hello France!: Moulin Rouge

December 09, 2009

... And Now Back To Our Usual Programming

(Let’s actually hope for de-programming).  I’d say, “welcome back” but I no longer claim to know where you are coming from or where I am welcoming us back to.  I have done my best to cleanse myself... and to liberate my companion.  I have accepted where I am currently and because I have accepted it,  have decided to hop this huge island for another.
... And Now Back To Our Usual Programming: blue
Europe has been calling my name and I finally picked up.  I fly out on the 11th (2 days from now).  I’m subleasing my apartment to some friends.  Jennifer(one of the gals at work) is going to use my car while I’m away and my position at the kennel will remain until I return.  I have not been there, although my parents moved there almost 4 years ago.  I am anticipating new scenery and welcoming the adventures I am about to embark on.  There is a small “flat” in Paris that mom has reserved for me.  I was hesitant to take her up on her offer at first.  But, part of growing up is letting go of old ways and being open to new ones.