September 26, 2009

One of Those Days

More of the same.  This back and forth/ push and pull of a merry go round is starting to get to me.  The plants are looking pale...  I have not shaved my legs in days.  My eyebrows look like a Frida Kahlo imitation and I have noticed I got a few grey hairs on my head recently.  I literally feel like I am spinning in circles.  The amount of things I look forward to at the end of a day are growing scarce.  

I was feeling like a broken hearted school girl because Marty stood me up today.  We had agreed to meet at the park as we have done a few times now.  I went there with Re-Run and my camera.  The sun went down on both of us.  I was sad.  Then I got mad.  I could kick myself for getting attached to a man.  Oh, and the one woman show thickens as I gaze at these hairy legs and bushy eyebrows and begin to justify his no-man-show by saying to myself.. “Well, just look at ya, Calamity.  No wonder he didn’t run to be by your side.”  It’s just one of those days.  I hate this internal dialogue.  Who is this bitch staring back at me, insulting me for less than shallow reasons?  

I think I will take a bath and shave... I’ll show her.

One of Those Days: chipped polish 

September 21, 2009

Clear Cool Calamity

Recent days have not only shown true colors... they have put them on a flag and waved them at full pole.  There are some days when I am calm and content with it all.  These are days when I am open and most likely end up learning something new or experiencing something at least.  Then there are days when every minute is a battle to get through.  Those days are the ones that exhaust me at times and enrage me at others.  I ride the fence afraid to fall to either side.  On good days, it is all interesting and I embrace my flaws readily along with attributes.  On bad days, I am trigger happy and find one reason or another to shoot myself down.  I am clear and cool and then I am Calamity fucking Jane.  That’s me... Clear, cool Calamity.
Clear Cool Calamity: cowgirl pinup

September 13, 2009

Flip Off By A Teenage Skeleton Hand!

It’s been a minute....    Actually it has been crazy busy lately and I have not had much time to do anything for myself.  But,  I’m here Now (ever read that book?)  hmmmm.  

Flip Off By A Teenage Skeleton Hand!: bones
A couple of things happened today as I was driving home.  First when I was in a school zone reciting proper french grammar, or at least attempting to do so,  A girl and her friends passed me in the sporty little car.  And... SHE FLIPPED ME OFF WITH HER LITTLE TEENAGE SKELETON HAND!  A girl who otherwise would have been cute.  My first reaction was to follow her until she stopped somewhere.  I did for a bit.  Haha, thinking I would have a talk with her.  That’s all, a talk.  Then I remembered how some of us were back then.  I never understood the rage of the road.  But I had one friend (won’t mention any names) who leaned toward the wilder side of things.  Ahhh, holy stupidity.... people can be such a disappointment sometimes.  It wouldn’t have been so abnoxious had we not been in a school zone.  It was 20mph and I was doing the speed limit.  When she and her little punk friends turned into a upper class neighborhood, blowing smoke out their windows, I drove on and satisfied my frustration with a split-second vision of kicking their asses (Kill Bill style).
Flip Off By A Teenage Skeleton Hand!: tracks

I suppose things have a way of balancing out though because about 5 minutes away from my humble abode,  I saw a hawk flying above the train tracks.  Again,  it was in slow motion (seemingly).  The pain in my shoulders vanished as I looked in the passenger seat and saw that Re-Run was staring out the window.  He didn’t growl or bark at the Hawk.  It was almost like they saw each other and were communicating.  It was.... PEACEFUL.  Their acceptance of one another quickly brought me back to the bigger picture and I felt ridiculous for fantasizing about kicking some teenage girl’s ass even if it was in Kill Bill Style!   

Flip Off By A Teenage Skeleton Hand!: the hawk

September 07, 2009

Snap, Capture, Pop

Seeing Marty has inspired me to pull out this old camera of Aunt Gaggy’s.  It’s small but heavy and still takes 35mm film.  Sure, I have a camera ap. on my fancy phone but this seems more appropriate in my search for a root system of my own. Like I have said before, I’m really not an artsy type.  I wouldn’t think of putting “photographer” on a business card or anything.  The funny thing is that when people see me with such a relic of a camera, they assume that I know more about it than I do. 
Snap, Capture, Pop: jon-michael the artist 

I do enjoy taking pictures with it and having to wait before seeing them.  There's just something more wondrous about the process of it than today’s typical digital-does-everything-for-you “process”.  It has become slightly therapeutic and perhaps gives me a peep hole into why artists become addicted to art.  It makes me think of Jon-Michael, my artsy baby brother... so misunderstood.  It must have been hard for him sometimes.  I realize that he is different than the over populated trendy artists who have also become very talented at marketing themselves.  He is attached to it like it is a baby without which life has no meaning.  It is not nearly the same as me “giving it a go” with this old 35mm.  I sure hope to visit with him soon.

I got some negatives back today....  here are a few from the first roll of Aunt Gaggy’s old camera.  HMMMM, I wonder what all that lady had up her sleeve.  Her gifts are ones that keep on giving.  

Snap, Capture, Pop: rain clouds?

Snap, Capture, Pop: coy

Snap, Capture, Pop: drying out

Snap, Capture, Pop: gun & rose
Snap, Capture, Pop: the door that leads up

Snap, Capture, Pop: sunset on the road

September 05, 2009

My Spirit Keeper

My Spirit Keeper: the view
Although I am certain that a thousand and one things happened today, there is one thing that trumps all of it.  Re-Run protected me!!!  We got a very angry canine in today.  I’m not sure what all she had gone through.  All I know is that she is the first dog to ever try and bite me.  She went a round with all the girls at work until I finally jumped in.  I thought I could win her over.  Man was I dead wrong.  The dog charged me while Re-Run was standing behind me.  Then before I knew it, Re-Run was in front of me growling with all her hair sticking up on her back.  The angry dog backed down and lied on her stomach whimpering.  I cannot get it out of my head.  After that, the gals and I were able to walk her back to a kennel.  No telling what she had gone through before meeting up with us.  She will get better in time I hope.  All day after that, it’s all we talked about.  I kept hugging Re-Run and she was getting up on her hind legs to hug me back.  I stuck close to her like glue.  To be honest, I was scared of an animal for the first time in my life.  I was truly frightened and if my Shawnodese, my Re-Run had not been there, it may have been a tragic turn in my future.

When I got back to the apartment, I finally did some research on the Spirit Keepers of the Medicine Wheel.  As it turns out, Shawnodese really is my Spirit Keeper according to my Birth Moon on the Wheel.  I remember some of what Kayla said about it.  But I could have sworn that Shawnodese was a wolf, not a coyote.  After some more research, I discovered that some tribes depicted it as a wolf and others as a coyote.  So I wasn’t completely malfunctioned in my memory.  I could go into extreme detail about all of this.  But that would take all night.  Let’s just say that it’s not silly at all like I thought it was when Kayla mentioned it in the past.  If you are interested, I suggest looking up stuff on working the Medicine Wheel.  I also know that there is a book by a man named Sun Bear that talks about this more extensively.  It’s another one of those given to me as a gift that I have hardly even opened.  Seriously, I should have been reading all these books years ago.  Better late than never I suppose.

On that note, I will step away from the computer screen and tend to my Protector, my companion, the keeper of my Spirit.  May tonight be full of rest!  I am thankful to Re-Run for her divine intervention.  I knew there was a special connection there. I am also thankful to everyone who has gifted books my way over the past decade.  The time has come for me to read them all!