May 21, 2010

My Chinese Savior

I never thought I'd end up in China.

Last I wrote, I was in Ireland, in despair. I was broke and didn't know what I was going to do or where I was going to go. Turns out there is a way for a gal to make money abroad (and it's one of the oldest professions). My plan was to save up enough money to get home. Let's just say that I ended up meeting a lot of new people. One person, in particular, knew how I was earning money and didn't judge me. I still do. I suppose I always will. Her name was Mei Ting and she was passing through on her way to China. Mei Ting is from there, but she lives in the States. She asked me if I would like to go with her to China and I couldn't say no. Anything was better than rumbling through Dublin looking for a quick buck.

She showed me around. My favorite place was the Great Wall. It's amazing that this structure has been here for so long - it's older than all of us and remains strong as the day it was built. It made me feel so small in this big world. After two weeks, I all but forgot about my gypsy friend, Sara. I feel invigorated by this trip. I am ready to go back to Texas and live again.

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